The Workstation Guide

Difference Between Workstations and Servers

A server is actually an application or is a device which offers service for connected clients as a part of client server architecture. It may also be a computer system which is made to run a certain server application. Servers also may serve applications for users in an intranet.

Workstations are personal computers that are being used for high end applications such as CAD, 3D design, graphic design, CPU and RAM intensive programs or for video editing. Workstations tend to have fast processors, multiple hard drives and comes with lots of RAM memory. This may also have a special processing, video or audio card for special editing work. Workstations are marketed by computer manufacturers for professional users and servers are a utility device. These two are however part of the networking architecture, but they differ on their uses and functions.  To read more about the 
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Function Differences

Servers are the ones which keeps files such as applications, html, video and images which are made online for clients to gain access with. It likewise allows many computers in sharing applications. The main role of workstations would be in completing high end applications such as video editing and graphic designing.

Their Uses

Workstations are made to be used for only one person at a time, but they could also be accessed remotely through other users when needed. Servers on the other hand work on connecting users and only have a single user or no user.

Its Role

A workstation is designed purposely for specific tasks that involves video or graphic editing, statistical data or other things that involves mathematical calculations. And servers on the other hand are made for networking.

The Types Available

A server can in fact be of different types. An example in this case are application servers and web servers. The workstations are used on certain types which can actually be integrated with microphones, synthesizers, hard disc arrays for video editing and for digital video connections. The video workstations are used for the non-linear digital editing for videos.  Go to the reference of this site  
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The workstations possess high quality Graphical User Interface (GUI) and it comes with efficient video and audio qualities that they do for the work related video or audio editing. On the other hand, a server lacks GUI as well as other elaborate interface on video and audio.  Take a look at the information about computers are my friend at .

There are in fact multiple differences present in a server and a workstation. The two of it are in fact designed with a specific purpose. Servers are made for multifunctions or to handle various tasks simultaneously and to maintain various connections and in responding to different requests. A workstation on the other hand does not need to handle different connections but needs to have a fast processor in handling various running applications.